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DJ Friction (born 1970) discovered his affinity for disco music in the early 1980s. That also included early hip-hop records such as those by Kurtis Blow, Sugarhill Gang and Grandmaster Flash. Today he identifies his roots as “black” music, which for DJ Friction means Marvin Gaye, Prince and Michael Jackson as much as it does mean early Chicago house music recordings, oldschool Rap and 70s and 80s disco funk and Electro tracks.
It didn’t take DJ Friction long to realize that all the music that gave him a kick had one thing in common: the disc jockey. In 1985 he began collecting records, and together with some buddies he bought his first equipment.
Flexibility was what a DJ needed in the mid-80s, so DJ Friction learned early on to tie in his roots. It wasn’t until the end of that decade that he concentrated solely on hip-hop. He started to earn respect in various DJ battles and took part in the 1991 German DMC Championship. That opened a lot of doors for him primarily to Stuttgart’s clubs. Around this time DJ Friction started to come to terms with producing. Together with an MC and a singer, he formed his first hip-hop band called Raw Diamenz, which caused a local buzz. His partners began calling him Friction, the perfect name for his work as a DJ and producer. By this time Friction’s skills as a producer were so far advanced that he not only supplied Stuttgart’s entire young cats with beats and passed his skills on to them, but also experimented with other styles. He conquered British dancefloors with a jungle version of James Brown’s “I feel Good” (1995, Eastwest Rec), the “Pulp Friction” EP (1995, Gap Rec.) caused a stir with its instrumental hip-hop beats.
For the first time he produced a house track in 1996 for the EP “The Difference” (Continuemusic, the label of now famed Tiefschwarz) and together with Don Philippe (Freundeskreis) and Thommy Wittinger released the electro track “Rock the Most” under the project name “DJ FK” in 1998. Since the mid-1990s, DJ Friction has been storming the German, Swiss, Austrian charts with his band Freundeskreis. Following two studio albums (Quadratur des Kreises, 1997 / Esperanto, 1999), a live LP (En Directo, 2000) and two gold records, DJ Friction set to work on his first solo Album, “Science Friction” (2000, Eastwest Rec), a hip-hop album including feature contributions from Germany’s Top MCs.
DJ Friction’s next creation which stands on its own with virtually no features was simply called “Friction”, an excellent mix of his musical roots blended with fresh new sounds. On this record DJ Friction was more prominent as a DJ and producer than ever before. Whether it’s disco, electro, big beat, instrumental hip-hop, funk, soul or hip-hop, Friction makes his mark as a universal beatmaker of the first order, creating another benchmark in DJ culture. His latest LP “Soulsonic” released in 2004 is perhaps his best solo work so far. Once again he combined his musical roots with temporary club music to produce the organic disco-funk heavy Soulsonic LP on Four Music. If he’s not working on his own stuff he is working on remixes for the likes of Die Fantastischen Vier, Malente, Max Herre, Joy Denalane, The Jackson 5,The Pharcyde… or he can be found spinning records in clubs all over Germany. In 2007 he started electronic disco house Act Motormouth with partner Philipp König. They released the “Horses, Cars and Stars” 12 Inch September 2007 on Dirt Crew’s Players Paradise Label. His latest project is Bodymovin with long time friend and DJ partner Thomilla, released September 2009 on Moonboutique Records.


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