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Born in East Berlin, Oliver Marquardt was first inspired to become a DJ when the 1984 Break Dance Film “Beat Street” permeated the city’s isolated music scene. Equally influential was the dance music he listened to broadcasted from West Berlin radio.
After closely following these new music styles – hip hop, acid house etc – Oliver bought his own pair of turntables in 1989. This was right after the Berlin wall came down, providing fertile soil for the city’s new underground music scene to take roots and by the following year Oliver was organizing his own techno parties.

Although his illegal warehouse parties (complete with 50k watt laser lights) were noteworthy in themselves, Oliver forged ahead as one of the first german DJs to establish a nationwide presence. As DJ Jauche began a residency at Berlin’s legendary „Walfisch“ Club. Also he played regularly at many other Berlin Underground Clubs. By the mid 90’s he had presented his unique style throughout Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia, Hungary and Malaysia, on top of countless clubs and events in his homeland.

Also mid 90’s (1995 exactly) he had started his party “Jauchomatic“. At that time he brought his brother Sven Marquardt into the club scene and gave him his first job as a bouncer. Today Sven is the cult figure of party-Berlin as the bouncer of Berghain.

While the rest of the world still has been associating Germany with its stark techno output, DJ Jauche nurtured a parallel space for deep house sounds to evolve. In 1998 he launched Jetstream, a small-scale record label of his own. For the 1999 edition of the annual summer festival Loveparade, Oliver prepared under the name Jack Flash a re-edit of the disco classic “Love is in the Air” and pressed 500 white label copies. The track became an underground hit. During the early days of a new millennium, DJ Jauche continued developing Berlin’s thriving techno scene, throwing parties with his friends at „Sage Club“ and later at the „Ostgut“. He invited many different Musicans (singers, bassplayers, percussions, sax, trumpets and many more ) to his parties, to sing and play live to his Music, which he played as Dj.
Oliver debuted his new project Robin Masters Orchestra to showcase his own production paired with various guest vocalists. He also continued to champion deep house with Extreme Couching Mix CD series released on DJ SETS now on its fourth edition. In his studio, he stayed busy working with co-producer Björn Brandt, releasing not only as Jack Flash but also the newer alias Machomovers, best known for their club hit “Jägermeister” from the 2003 album Sexy on Sonntag Music. Around this time Oliver expanded his repertoire by producing, mixing and arranging Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft’s 15 Neue DAF Lieder, the bands first album in almost two decades. Over the years DJ Jauche has also completed numerous remixes, including for the seminal German punk band Die Ärzte, NYC rave pioneer Frankie Bones and Berlin fellow Marusha.

In 2004, DJ Jauche began hosting his own radio show “Sophisticated House” on Nova Radio Munich and had recurring Dj Night at Berlin’s elegant Spindler&Klatt in addition to play throughout Europe. In 2006, the second Machomovers album “Bare Deep and Long” appeared , plus a new mix compilation “Casual Moods” featuring german deep house producers, as well as Oliver’s new label “Appeal Musique” . The first two releases of both labels were licensed by Ibiza’s “Cafe del Mar”. 2008 he started releasing new music under the project ” Rockford Inc.” First release was on Jay Haze’s label “Roots/Tunning Spork”, followed by the Album release of Desney Bailey “Meant to be” and he also released some vinyls and remixes under the name ” Robin Masters Orchestra” .

2013 DJ Jauche was invited giving interviews for a book about the early days of techno music, especially in Berlin, called “Klang der Familie”.
Also another Documentory about him and his Life for „Deutsche Welle“ was made in 2013. He has also been a part of the Arte TV Documentary “Tanz auf dem Todesstreifen” which was shown on tv in the summer of 2014.

In 2014 DJ Jauche has started working on a second album for singer „Desney Bailey“ and on his own new label “Flaneur”, which started with the first release in Summer 2015.


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