Fedor K

Iran //



Fedor K, aka Khashayar Pouryamin is Iranian and proudly so. He started playing guitar when he was 12, and got engaged with underground rock bands when he was 17. Finally he picked up Bass Guitar as his main instrument. He has played piano and wrote songs over the years, as he was searching for new and energetic faces of music, he entered the electronic music world and began to work on electronic music softwares and electronic music production. After two years of searching and learning, in 2011, he started his work with a remix of a song called “Up on this Rock“. People loved his taste in music and his remix was played in Radio Face (Budapest). After a while working on his second track called “Mind Electricity”, he got signed with a Record label from Spain. As much as Fedor K is active in the underground music scene of Teheran, he has becoming a globetrotter, pleasing listeners from all over the place. Deep House, Indie Dance /Nu, that’s his style. Get ready to get drown and dance.


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