Germany // Leverkusen



“Music is everything and everything is music” – With these words in mind Hensley was born ’74 in the city of Leverkusen, right beside Cologne.
He always felt his strong addiction to music in childhood and later on in reassembling music tracks, so he started to record his first mixtapes with just two cassette decks and the Rec and Pause buttons as a young boy.

At the age of 16 he got his hands on his first mixer and turntable set, which was the time he started to get into real DJing, just to hit the electronic music scene in Cologne and near areas only a couple of years later.
Playing his house music sets with some of the local heroes around the 90s club scene and as a resident DJ at the Heart of Gold or Definition of House party’s.

At the turn of the century he suspended DJing for some time while only bringing out two new sets in ’01 and ’06 but never leaved the music behind. Since ’14 he’s back at the decks and making us dance with his mix of Deep House, Indie Dance / Nu.


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