Jeff Haze

Tulsa // Oklahoma



Jeff Haze, Producer, Guest DJ

Jeff Haze has been a DJ for 15 years now, and a House Music Producer for 11 years. He has been influenced by Underground Dance Music for a long time. The first electronic CD Jeff Haze bought was back around 1988 (U-96). He’s been listening ever since. Underground Dance Music is his life. It is his passion.

Jeff is in his favorite moments when he gets to play and produce music that makes people smile and gets them dancing. The greatest feeling that he always craves. The connection we get from the love of music. Jeff Haze has opened for several great artists like Gabriel & Dresden, John Kelley, Simply Jeff, Poston, and more at many events and continues to follow his dreams. He started producing Underground Dance Music back in March 2007. He now has several releases on different labels, and has many more Tracks signed and on the way to their release.


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