Dave Leon

Germany // Freiburg



Born and raised in Schwäbisch Gmünd in 1982, Dave Leon has a come a long way. At age 15 the clarinet drags him closer to music. Dave Leon starts discovering electronic music and the beats are taking him over. His DJing career jump starts at the ‚Colibri‘ in Stuttgart. Dancing is a principle at his performances. As David Leon is owning the turntables more and more the local support ist growing. A couple of years later he is one of the most renowned DJs of Freiburg.

Since 2006 Dave Leon is also heading the party crew ‚Ohrklang‘ who are committed to bringing the finest electronic music into town. Jan Blomqvist, Nu, Nico Push, David Jach and Beatmines have all been there and done that.


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