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Born in 1994 Luca D’Agostino, also known as Kulturgut, grew up in Düsseldorf, Germany. 2006 Music crashed into his life, only listening to classic Rock & Funk Vinyls of his Dad. 2008 Luca got his first Electronic Vinyl, Daft Punk’s „Homework“. Fascinated by this new Kind of Music he got addicted to uncompromising House Music. 2012 the point was reached where Luca wanted to share his addiction and started his first project Kulturgut & Baum, together with his mate Mark. After winning a Dj contest they played in many Clubs’s in and around Düsseldorf and got their first residency at the party I luv House and the KlangFlug Crew.
Bored by the Club Culture of Düsseldorf, 2014 a new Party Concept was founded: „Weißes Rauschen (White Noise)“. Music, Art, Excess, and dirty nights.
After many party nights and a move to Berlin, Kulturgut & Baum broke up.
Now playing solo inspired of the Berlin club culture Kulturgut got back to his roots, House Music, paired with many soul Element’s, some kind of Hip-Hop and a pinch of New-Disco. His Sound is funky, sexy, unique, danceable and demanding.
Influenced by artists like Baron Castle, Mat.Joe, Affkt, Tapesh or Teenage Mutants, Kulturgut always finds a way to get the last people at the bar on the dancefloor. In the future Kulturgut wants to start producing music, entrench „Weißes Rauschen“ in Düsseldorf, and explore Berlins nightlife.


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