Germany // Cologne



Ever since the duo started in 2006, LESCHET & WILDE have been creating their very own unique style that spans across all their productions: the latest sounds, somewhere between Nu Disco madness and established electronics of the clubs meet unconventional arrangements which stay true to their melodic and harmonious core while magnetically calling the crowds to the dance floor. L&W are reminiscent to the vibes of Röyksopp, Moonbootica, Underworld or Daft Punk.
At the age of 16 Sirius Lee Wilde is spending every free minute with his guitar, plays in various bands and at one point discovers electronic music. Irwin Leschet has been collecting synthesizers since the 1990ies and has some 20 years of experience with DJing. The two met very at a great moment of fate on a cruising ship on the Rhein which usually only carries old folks across the river.
They are now living in Cologne (Germany) and touring far beyond. They may come in duo, or with a whole band, complete with singers, drummer, bass, guitar; they might be a Techno Live Act with their synthesizers or a DJ Duo, mashing up remixes — either way, they rock the house.


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