Germany // Düsseldorf



DJ, producer, artist. From Düsseldorf, Germany. Has been turning the tables since 1993. The music scene changed and so did Starskie. By now, he can draw from a huge stock of Vinyls, files and CDs from two decades of electronic music culture. That is why we get the classics among his most recent releases. His picks range all the way from warm carribic or Spanish sounds to techno. Starskie doesn’t want to be pigeonholed, but instead follows the crowd and his intuition.

Starskie has hit all major clubs of the region and many more across Germany. Together with his friend and partner Oliver van Lin Starskie has hosted party series such as Groove a Libre, Kaninchendisko. Legendary also the Strandpiraten, a series at the shore of the Rhein river in Düsseldorf, with 6,000 roaring fans.

Since 2003 Starskie has been producing own Tracks and EP’s.


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