Verbund West

Germany // Düsseldorf



The old schoolmates Bjoern and Tim, met again after 10 years and decided to produce electronic music together. Their enthusiasm has no limit, so they latch on being in the studio day and night.

Curtly they created their own, distinctive sound. Mixed from elements of Deep House, TechHouse and melodic techno, usually provided with melodious harmonies and deep beats. VerbundWest describes their style as “Harmonic Deep House“.

Verbund West releases their Tracks on Universal, EGO, Droomschipp, Boje.

VerbundWest cooperates with well known artists, better known as Pierce aka Von&Zu, Klangtherapeuten,MYNGA , Starskie and Raketenmusik Crew and is part of the artist collective “HOLDING HANDS”. They currently live and work in Düsseldorf (Germany).


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