Viktoria Schur

Germany // Cologne



No doubt: Cologne’s very own Viktoria Schur is a true best-kept secret. Firmly based in the electronic music culture and equipped with a profound feeling for impelling and far-reaching track selection in her mix sessions, she is winning hearts all over the scene.
She has always felt an urging desire for compelling beats and vibrant baselines, which she single-handedly blends into perceptible sound-landscapes. Like in an intimate symbiosis, Viktoria Schur is almost tangibly interacting and communicating with her audience.
Stylistically, Viktoria Schur is moving through various genres of the electronic music cosmos and is touching DeepHouse and Minimal as well as sensual Techno and pervasive TechHouse. The melange of her sets is a deeply fascinating experience, touching body and soul deeply. It is especially the organic side of her sound, which is taking her audience on to another sphere.
The intense club nights, musically guided by her, are extraordinary experiences of electronic music-culture somewhere in between grooves of high sensuality and pulsating combinations of sounds. It’s Viktoria Schur’s heart and soul that go into each of her sets, which always remain for long in her listeners’ memory.
„I simply love searching for tracks and putting them together like a puzzle night-after-night. And one thing is always the top priority: I myself have to be able to party to each one of those tracks. It’s only when a track is truly touching me, grabs my full attention and touches me deeply, that I take it into closer consideration“.


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